need advice.....well im the girl to talk good advice on every day life


Really all you do is post discusting pictures of girls and their asses and tits??? Grow the fuck up and find a girl that will u give u some and quit being imeture #manwhore #getafuckinggirlfriend #getalifewhileyouratit

sickchick420 asked
AYE NIGGA I MISS THE FUCK OUT OF YOU GIRLY YOU NEED TO COME AND SEE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!):</3

i miss the fuck out of you too! <3 i lovee you! sista in my heart for eva! and ill come see you fridayy night nigga!

swimmin in the money come and find me NEMO ~DRAKE~ <3

my life is really fucked up right now………3

Pretty girls Turn heads…..Me and my girls BREAK NECKS <3

awkward moment when some girl posts on your best friends wall on fb and says shes mine. a bit bitchy! EFFF her!

When life hands you skittles…..hmmm? what would you do with them?
#1 open the package
#2 pour the skittles in my hand
#3 take a hand full
#4 throw them at a random stranger and say…..TASTE THE FREAKING RAINBOW BITCH!!!!!!
#5 walk away :)